Adding landscaping to your home can be one of the easiest ways to enhance its look and value. It also affords you the opportunity to create a style that is unique and reflects your personal tastes. We offer resources that can aid you, such as instructional DIY videos and articles as well as cool projects that can get your creative juices flowing. In addition, we also provide a comprehensive directory of local landscapers the can help bring your design ideas to life.

DIY Landscaping

Hardscaping 101

Hardscaping your yard presents many challenges not found in more traditional landscaping projects. Things such as placement and structural integrity are considerations that need to be addressed, possibly by a landscape architect or other qualified party, before you get started. By their nature hardscape features are not easily repaired or moved.

Read through our hardscaping primer to get a good overview of the items that you should be aware of and how to plan your hardscaping project properly from the beginning. Key areas that should be focused on are structural integrity, drainage and potential future use issues.

DIY Landscaping Projects

DIY landscaping projects can be incredibly rewarding experiences. Watching something that you are actively creating come to life can be very empowering. There are many outdoor DIY projects that can be undertaken with minimal skill.

DIY Irrigation

Tired of watering your lawn and garden by hand or by difficult to position sprinklers? Maybe it's time for an in-ground irrigation system. These can be surprisingly simple to install.

Stone Fire Pit

There is nothing like sitting around an open fire chatting with friends and enjoying a cool summer evening. Build your own backyard fire pit. It's easier than you think.

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